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Our range of bidex boilers has large furnace volume and free board area resulting in efficient combustion. These are designed for continuous operation for long time without stopping for maintenance. Following are the specifications of our range of bidex boilers:

  • Construction : Radiant furnace, membrane water wall lined smoke cum water tube boiler.

  • Capacity : 4,000 kgs/hr to 100,000 kgs/hr

  • Working pressure : 10.54 Kgs/cm 2 to 125 Kgs/cm 2

  • Furnace & feeding : Travelling grate for multi fuel combustion. Dumping grate for Bagasse and similar fuel. Pulsating grate for specific fuel. Fixed grate with pneumatic feeding and spreading available.


  • Designed for continuous operation for long duration without stopping for maintenance.

  • Being water tube in construction with separate steam and water drums, can be designed for very high pressure and superheating.

  • Soot blowing arrangement incorporated to keep the heat transfer area clean for efficient heat utilization and consistent efficiency. No need to shut down for tube cleaning on fire side.

  • High thermal efficiency as the furnace is surrounded by membrane water wall, resulting in minimal radiation losses.

  • Response to fluctuating steam load much better being water tube construction.

  • Instrumentation and controls are customised for various requirements of customer.

  • DCS and SCADA easily adoptable. Fully automatic operation.

  • Ideal for Power plants and Process industries where round the year uninterrupted steam required.

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