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  • Designing, fabrication and erection of Steam, Air and Water pipelines.

  • Hot and Cold insulation.

  • Operation and Maintenance contracts of plants.

  • Feasibility study, Detailed Project Reports, Technical & Commercial evaluation of Bids.

  • Energy audits of total plant.

  • Waste heat recovery from Process plants like Sulphuric acid plants, Sulphur recovery units, Nitric acid plants, Hydrogen plants, Ammonia plants, Coal based plants like Coke oven plants, etc

  • Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of Boilers, Turbines, Cogeneration plants & Power plants on Turnkey basis.

  • Design, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of Water treatment plants, Waste handling and disposal systems.

  • Design, Engineering, Erection and commissioning of Fuel handling and Ash handling systems.

  • Design and supply of Pollution control equipments like Bag Filters, Electro static precipitators, Scrubbers, Mechanical dust collectors, Effluent treatment, Rice Milling Equipments & Conveyor.

  • Design & supply of Heat recovery steam generators.


1.  Dust Ingress tester.

2.  Moisture penetration tester.

3.  Friction factor tester.

4.  Radial run-out tester.

5.  Free rotation Machine.

6.  Dye penetration testing.

7.  Rubber Shore hardness tester

8.  Ultra-Sonic Tester

9.  Stress Relieving Facility

10. Spark Tester for Rubber Lining

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