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Power plants based on Coal as fuel. Fuel like Indian coal and Imported coal is burnt in boiler to generate steam at high pressure. The steam thus generated, is further superheated to remove moisture and then passed through a condensing steam turbine. Steam coming out of Turbine is passed through a Condenser which creates a negative guage pressure in the turbine, so that maximum output is extracted from the turbine. The condensate coming out of the Condensor is pumped back to the boiler circuit by Condensate evacuation pumps.


  • Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of Boilers, Turbines, Condensers, Ejectors, Cooling towers, Pumps and all related accessories of power plant on Turnkey basis.

  • Design, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of Water treatment plants, Waste handling and disposal systems.

  • Design, Engineering, Erection and commissioning of Fuel handling and Ash handling systems.

  • Design and supply of Pollution control equipments like Bag Filters, Electro static precipitators, Scrubbers, Mechanical dust collectors, Effluent treatment plants.

  • Designing, fabrication and erection of Steam, Air and Water pipelines.

  • Hot and Cold insulation.

  • Operation and Maintenance contracts of plants.

  • Feasibility study, Detailed Project Reports, Technical & Commercial evaluation of Bids.

  • Energy audits of total plant

  • Capacity : Upto 10 MW

  • Working pressure :

    Imported coal / Indian coal / Lignite.

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