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As an established firm, we are involved in manufacturing and exporting a vast array of boilers and turbines. We are specialized in the designing, engineering, supplying, erection and commissioning of these highly efficient boilers and turbines designed for a wide variety of fuels including agro waste, municipal waste, coal, fuel oil, gas and other biomass. Our range is acclaimed for the attributes of sturdy construction, corrosion resistance and easy installation. These are demanded in engineering industry.


  • Large furnace volume and free board area, hence ideal for fuel with high volatile content.

  • Optimised for a wide range of fuel like Wood, Briquettes, Lignite, Bagasse and other Agrowaste.

  • High thermal efficiency as the furnace is surrounded by membrane water wall, resulting in minimal radiation losses.

  • Efficient combustion and minimum choking hence reduced cleaning frequency.

  • Handles fluctuating steam load much better due to large water holding and steam space.

  • Losses due to air leakages and maintenance minimal as very little refractory is used.

  • Superior membrane technology helps in very quick steam generation. Time taken from cold start to attain working pressure is commendable.


  •  Radiant furnace, membrane water wall  lined smoke cum water tube boiler.

  • Capacity :

    2,000 kgs/hr to 20,000 kgs/hr

  • Working pressure :

    10.54 Kgs/cm 2 to 28 Kgs/cm 2

  • Furnace & feeding :

    Manual feeding on flat grate for Solid fuels like Briquette & Wood. Dumping grate for Bagasse. Travelling grate for multi fuel combustion. Oil / Gas burner compatible. Fluidised bed combustion convertible.

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