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Supported by a team of skilled personnel, we manufacture an assortment of fluidex boilers. These are made with superior quality raw material and are widely demanded in engineering industry. Our range acclaimed for its attributes including fully automatic operation for consistent and uninterrupted steam generation, quick response for steam demand fluctuation, less need of excess air for combustion and very high thermal efficiency. Specifications of our fluidex boilers are as follows:


  • Large furnace volume and free board area, hence ideal for fuel with high volatile content.

  • Less excess air required for combustion, hence very high thermal efficiency.

  • Optimised for a wide range of fuel like Paddy husk, Groundnut shell, Coal, Saw dust and other Agrowaste.

  • High thermal efficiency as the furnace is surrounded by membrane water wall, resulting in minimal radiation losses.

  • Efficient combustion and minimum choking hence reduced cleaning frequency.

  • Handles fluctuating steam load much better due to large water holding and steam space.

  • Instrumentation and controls are customised for various requirements of customer. DCS and SCADA easily adoptable.

  • Superior membrane technology helps in very quick steam generation. Time taken from cold start to attain working pressure is commendable.

  • Construction :

    Radiant furnace, membrane water wall lined smoke cum water tube Fluidised Bed Combustion boiler.

  • Capacity :

    3,000 kgs/hr to 100,000 kgs/hr

  • Working pressure :

    10.54 Kgs/cm 2 to 28 Kgs/cm2

  • Furnace & feeding :

    Fluidised bed combustion (Overbed and Underbed feeding) Dual furnace options available (Solid as well as pulverised fuel furnaces working simultaneously). Fuel feeding pneumatically.

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