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By making use of our modern manufacturing facilities, we manufacture an array of heat recovery steam generator. These are widely used in various application areas including combined-cycle power station, cogeneration plants and in diesel engine combined cycle power plants. Our range helps to recover heat from a hot gas stream. It generates steam that can be used in a process or used to drive a steam turbine. As per the specifications of clients, we offer customized solutions for our assortment.

  • Construction :

    Shell and tube type construction / Water tube construction.

  • Capacity :

    1,000 kgs/hr to 20,000 kgs/hr

  • Working pressure :

    10.54 Kgs/cm2 to 87 Kgs/cm2

  • The HRSG can be designed of Shell and tube type and also water tube type depending on the gas composition, mass and temperature.

  • Convective Superheater and Economiser integrated in the system.

  • The heating surface area calculated to give optimum output and help in maximum absorption of heat.

  • The residence time for Gases in the HRSG is optimised for effective heat recovery and excellent performance.

  • Due to moderate pressure drop on flue gas side, there is less back pressure on Gas source.

  • Very high water holding capacity and maintains good thermal inertia. Hence fluctuating load handled efficiently.

  • Due to bigger shell diameter, steam volume is more. Hence better steam quality.

  • Provision of inbuilt moisture separator ensures dry saturated steam going to super heater section and decreases the load on super heater section.

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